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Shopping with Tojo

Our shopping journey was anything but short. It started with us hitting up Meijer in saginaw, it was about 3:30am or so. I found Final Fantasy X-2 (non greatest hits) for only 9.98. Also found Kingdom Hearts manga vol 1 for 4 bucks. After this we went to Walmart in saginaw. Found those sweet G.I Joe Sigma 6 figures, 15 bucks, i'll wait till they go on clearence. We decided to leave walmart saginaw, to Bay City Meijer...We left for bay city, it was about 4:30 by now. We get there, and look around, not much. After that we went to Walmart in Bay City. And to top the night off, we went to the Meijer in bay city/essexville. Not much there. So we left for home finnaly, might I add Tojo had been farting...A LOT the whole trip, to the point of SHITTING himself on the highway. We finnaly arived back to the Texan in Saginaw where my van was. Now, I'm home.....yeah.
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